Bed Game
By Susan Proctor
(FF, toys, oral)

I had just gotten out of the shower when Lisa came into the bathroom.

"What do you want to do tonight love." I said.

She pulled a towel off the shelf and handed it to me.

"Let's go to the Lotus club and do some dancing."

"We were there last Friday night," I protested. "Lets do something different."

"What, don't want to dance with me lover?" she said as she grabbed another towel and helped me dry off. She stood behind me and gently kissed my neck as she ran the towel over my breasts and down my stomach.

"No, it's not that. I would just like to do something different. Lets go to a movie instead."

"Oh, poo," Lisa said as she ran her tongue lightly over my ear.

"I feel like dancing."

"And I feel like going to a movie."

I looked in the mirror, Lisa was smiling at me. Her soft chestnut coloured hair and big brown eyes a sharp contrast to my fair features of blond over blue. I could tell by her smile that she had something in mind to break this deadlock.

"What?" I said as she pulled me toward the bedroom.

"Let's settle this with a little bed game."

Before I could object, Lisa had pulled the white cotton bed sheet back and tossed the pillows on the floor. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched her undress. She was wearing a blue lace bodysuit, with lace V-neck and long sleeves. She rotated her hips seductively as she ran her hands over her breasts and flat stomach. Slowly she slid the bodysuit off her shoulders and over her breasts, her nipples where as hard as mine and I started to feel myself getting wet for her. She stepped out of her clothes and went over to the night stand.

"What are you up to?" I asked, knowing that was where she kept her toys.

"Just part of the game," she said. She held up two silver tipped vibrator's.

I started to get all tingly. "Would you mind explaining the game?"

Lisa sat beside me and handed me a vibrator. Her lips found mine and her warm breath, followed by her tongue entered my mouth. I closed my eyes as we kissed. Whatever she had in mind, I was more than game.

"Okay dear, this is what I have in mind. We make love and the first one to cum losses."

"Oh, I like that idea," I said.

She tapped the tip of her vibrator against mine. "Top, or bottom?"

"I'll be on top," I said. My hair was still wet and I didn't want it flattened out. Lisa moved to the centre of the bed. She looked marvellous. My heart raced as I gently caressed her body. Bronze silky skin, small but firm breasts.

I brushed a strand of hair away from her face. Kissed her park avenue pink lips, lost myself momentarily in her brown eyes framed by long, lush eye lashes. Then I slowly kissed my way down her body while crawling on top of her. I dragged my tongue over her nipples as I moved toward her shaved mound. I kissed my way to her belly button, licking and pressing my tongue into her. I felt her hands on my breasts. She pulled on my nipple lightly in a milking action. Mmmm, the game was on. I moved my hands between her legs, pushing her thighs wide. I lowered my mouth to her smooth, silky mound just above her clit. I moved my fingers to her soft pink lips. I slipped a finger into her folds, teasing them open.

Lisa moved her hands from my breasts and began to caress my ass cheeks. I could feel her fingers digging into my swollen lips, pulling me open. Ohhh, then her soft wet tongue entered my moist tunnel.

"Not wasting any time are you dear," I said.

Lisa just made a yummy sound and continued to work her tongue in my hole. I was taking a different approach. I blew a stream of air over her clit and worked my fingers into the flesh around her entrance. Then I slipped a finger into her wetness. Lisa moved her tongue to my clit. I could feel her sucking my flesh into her mouth as her tongue floated over my clit. As she sucked on me, I felt the tip of her vibrator enter my hole. She hadn't turned it on yet and was just sliding it in and out of me.

"Two can play at that," I said and I took my vibrator and slipped it into her cunt. Lisa was as sopping wet as I. The head of the vibrator glistened with her juices. I drew her wetness out of her and smeared her folds and clit with her honey. Lisa turned her vibrator on and it replaced her tongue on my clit. My pussy spasmed and my muscles tightened.

"Ohhh," I moaned. I couldn't last much longer. My pussy was on fire and I could feel my wetness surging out of me in a vain effort to put it out. I turned my vibrator on and brushed the tip of it against Lisa's swollen clit. Then I slide two fingers into her dripping wet cunt and scraped her delicate walls with my long fingernails.

"Oh, baby. You are so wet," I said.

I heard Lisa moan, and knew the power of my voice was the only way I was going to win this game.

"Yes baby, so wet. Oh, I want to drink your cum... Mmmm, I want your taste to fill my mouth.... come on baby, fill your honey pot with your juices."

Lisa moaned even louder and her transparent, creamy wetness poured from her cunt. I had to speak up so she could hear over her moans and the buzzing of the two vibrators.

"Mmmm, your pussy looks so sexy... cum Lisa, cum for me. Oh, yes I can see your juices pooling for me, Mmmm."

Lisa responded by filling my hole with her tongue. I could feel her making circles inside me. She pressed her vibrator hard to my clit. Oh, God. That felt so good. I was having an effect on her but it still wasn't enough and I couldn't hold off much longer. I had to turn up the heat.

"Oh baby, remember last month after we had a nice bath and we where drinking some wine, you poured a little on my pussy and licked it off, well if you cum for me I'll let you do that again..."

Lisa let out a deep throaty moan. Then she moved her mouth away from my pussy and screamed. I kept the vibrator against her clit and my fingers in her, pumping hard. I sent Lisa into a multiple frenzied orgasm. It took her several minutes to recover.

"Looks like we are going to the movies," I said as I started to crawl off her.

"Not so fast," Lisa said. I felt her tongue brush against my clit. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the wonderful strokes of her tongue as she licked me from top to bottom. I rested my face on her thigh and closed my eyes.


My body shuttered and my pussy spasmed. Lisa filled me with her tongue and I filled her mouth with my sweet juices. I rolled off her and she laid beside me. We rapped our arms around each other and kissed. Our mouths lingered as our tongues danced lightly.

"So what movie are we going to see?" Lisa asked between kisses.

"Mmmm, maybe we should have a change in plans..."

"What do you have in mind?" Lisa said.

"Mmmm, I don't know... let me think... do we have any white wine in the house?"

Lisa smiled. "We have two bottles, would that be enough?"

I nodded yes. Lisa headed for the kitchen, stopping at the doorway to look back at me.

"Do I need a glass?"

"No," I said, "but you'll need a straw."

"Really? And what am I going to be drinking the wine out of?"

I spread my legs nice and wide, pulled my fleshy cunt lips open and pointed to my center. Lisa ran down the hall, calling back. "Don't move, I'll be right back!"

The End.

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