By Mistress of the Night
(MF, oral, dream)

You're in your bedroom, getting ready for bed. As you climb between the cool sheets, I can tell what you're thinking. I know exactly what you are thinking. You are thinking of me. We've sent E-Mail back & forth before, but we've never met...yet.

You can't see me but I am here. Waiting in the shadows patiently. As you turn off the light, I watch you try to go to sleep. My heart is pounding wildly against my thin silk gown that flows over my nude form. I want you, I mouth to myself, as I watch you drift almost to sleep. I long for you, for your touch, for your kiss. I make my move and go very slowly to your bed. You do not notice me.

Your breathing is even and slow. I nudge your bed gently, shaking it only enough to make you turn over to gaze at me with half-aware eyes. My hands move slowly over the roundness of my breasts, down to my firm, smooth stomach, then I caress my hips and thighs. As you watch me, you wonder, but for a moment, how I could have got in here, but you find you really don't care. I crawl gently next to you on your bed. I rest my fingers gently upon your lips, quelling any doubt, and I gaze into your questioning eyes and you realise what I want.

I move my fingers from your lips slowly to your neck and I bend to kiss you with my soft, full lips. Softly and gently I give my tongue to your mouth as you enclose me with your arms, and pull me towards you. I can feel your wild heartbeats against my chest. I break the kiss as to slide my lips down to your neck so that I may lick and tug on the skin where I feel your rapid pulse. I caress your chest with my soft fingers, and then I use my nails to trace patterns from one nipple to your other, making you sigh quietly.

I feel your cock stiffen against my thigh. I begin to leave a wet path with my tongue down to your stomach, my eyes slowly, steadily watching you watching me. I move to kiss the insides of your thighs, your cock stands directly in front of me, waiting for my mouth to attack it. But I won't! I want you to feel everything. I want you to feel every single thing that I'm doing to you. I tongue your balls slowly and bring them very gently into my mouth. The sensation wakes you up in a heartbeat; meanwhile, I increase the intensity by breathing hot on your tight balls. Your wait is over, and your mouth gapes as I encase your cock with my lips. I go all the way to the bottom of your shaft, and move very, very slowly upward to the very tip and back down again. Your hands clutch the sheets and beads of sweat fall from your forehead. You close your eyes to intensify the pleasure.

Your move your hips up and down, in an unconscious effort to drive your cock even further into my hot, wet mouth. I know your game, and I know what you really need. I go back to the tip, your swollen head, and lick the hard vein underneath, and I flick it back and forth, while you whisper, begging me to take you inside my warm, wet mouth. I do so and swirl my tongue around your delicious head. Then I put a firm clamp on you with my lips and just move my head back and forth. I increase my suction and you plead for release. No, not yet, I want to drive you near insane. I push my head down just a bit further so I can rub your sensitive head against the roof of my mouth and push you deeper into my mouth until you're just at the back of my throat.

In one swift motion, I have you deeply imbedded in my mouth, and I swirl all around your hot, throbbing cock. You've thrown your head back, and your moans of pleasure are nothing compared to the waves of ecstasy that are in my own body. I gently remove your cock from my mouth. You lean up and see my eyes widen, as I notice that it's just glistening with my saliva. You look as if you're about to burst! I move on top of you, and kiss your forehead, your eyes, your nose, your lips, and try to draw blood out of your tongue. I know you want to come and you shall, but not yet. You find my nipple close to your mouth and you suck it between your teeth. Ooooh, your mouth feels so good on me! Then you hold me tight and run your fingers along my very wet slit, I'm in a position where I couldn't move if I wanted to!

You start to tease me with your cock, putting it on my clit, rubbing it back and forth. I beg you to put it inside me, but you don't, you want me to beg you more, you want me half-crazed from the pleasure I feel. I rub my pussy against your cock, letting you feel my wetness, and move back to try to lure into my hot, steamy, lust filled slit. You push your hips up and I feel the head of your cock spreading me apart, and then entering me.

My pussy contracts involuntarily as you move deeper in, sending shivers down my spine. I cry out, your cock feels so good sliding into me. As I feel you more and more, deeper and deeper inside my pussy, nice and snug and I'm not about to let go.

I dig my fingernails deep into your chest and rotate my hips, around & around & around, grinding slowly. My mouth hangs open and I moan loud when you thrust deep into me. We gaze into each other's eyes almost hypnotically.

You become more aggressive, our juices and sweat mingle. You pump me faster for a while, then we change places and now I'll ride your hips for a while. The rhythm comes back, and you roam my steamy body with your hands. You squeeze my tits and pinch my nipples, while I stroke my swollen clit. I suck on your cock with my pussy; squeezing it, and pulling it as you buck wildly under me.

I lean over, only for a moment, to whisper softly and slowly in your ear, "Fuck me, lover, don't hold anything back..." In a swift motion, you re-enter me after I turn back over, I throw you an admiring look. I throw my legs over your shoulders, and you ball me savagely. Ooooh, I love the way you ravish me! We develop a rhythm and grind together passionately. Deep within me, I feel you swell even more than before!

I move my legs around your waist in an effort to pull you closer and deeper. Time has little meaning, if any. We gasp heavily, almost as if possessed. My utterances aren't words, but sounds of ecstasy.

As I grind my cunt up into your groin, you bite my neck. Your balls are burning with the desire to shoot forth your delicious come. I can feel them slap against me. I reach down and slide my fingers over your balls and feel their smooth tightness. Your whole body trembles, and you feel a tingling that is unmistakable. My clit is burning and I beg you to go faster, faster, faster, I scream. Oooooh! Yes, harder, ram your cock into me, harder, faster! Slam it into me, tear me apart with your beautiful cock! We sound like animals. Our moans and gasps are louder as we lose control and head for the silver rainbow.

I feel your cock twitching & jerking inside my cunt. Our bodies shake and quiver and tremble and we lose awareness of all else except each other and our pleasure. Our voice becomes one great crescendo, our bodies burst forth, I feel you come inside me and I follow suit by bathing your groin with my nectar.

Our heads spin for a time, and finally, the last moments of our climax draw to a close. We breathe heavily, almost glowing, you move up to bury your tongue in my mouth and I bring our hearts close together by hugging you very tightly. Neither of us has looked better, the eyes of one taking in the other to the fullest. We sleep in each other's arms, content, tranquil...

You stir, half-aware of my lips caressing yours, with a look back, I gather up my gown. You rub your eyes to clear them, and look around your room...but I have returned to the darkness from whence I came.

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