A week with my Lover
(MF, oral, toys)

Dear Diary


It was early evening as I parked my car in the hotel car park, and looked for his car but it wasn’t here yet so I checked in and went up to our room. After the long drive I decided to have a bath to freshen up while I waited for him. Shutting my eyes I sank back into the warm water, leisurely soaping my body, starting from my face and working down. When I reached my breasts I took plenty of time on them, running my finger tips firmly over them until my nipples were stiff, beckoning my fingers further in. As I circled over my nipples I could feel my pussy contracting slightly, each movement of my fingers sending a ripple of pleasure through my pussy. Hurriedly I worked down to my pussy, then paid extra attention there, my breathing quickening as I first ran my fingers around the outside, then working in towards my pussy till a finger slipped inside. I gasped out loud as I rubbed my clit with a second finger while the first still probed my pussy, searching out that sweet spot. Caught up in the pleasant sensations I hadn’t heard the door opening, and kept right on going, gasping, moaning out loud as a warm wave swept through me and I exploded, pussy thigh and stomach muscles all contacting strongly.

Relaxing back into the water with my eyes still shut my breathing gradually slowed and then I realised I still had that ache in my pussy demanding my attention. I’d brought some toys with me for this stay; now would be a good time to get them out I thought. It was when I stood up, opening my eyes that I saw him in the bathroom doorway watching me with a smile.

“That was naughty, you couldn’t wait till I got here eh?” he said as he took me into his arms for a kiss, our tongues entwining, hungrily tasting each other. The ache in my pussy was getting stronger with the lovely kiss. I didn’t have to wonder what his words meant for long; while we kissed he reached round and slapped my bum with a loud slap a few times. The smacks did not really hurt; they were perfect, just enough to make me gasp and my pussy throb, taking me close to the edge again. His fingers started probing my pussy as we kissed, circling my clit, speeding up as my breathing did, and silencing my moans as I reached a peak with our kiss. I was in heaven, my legs were getting weaker but he kept on going, taking me to several further delicious peaks, supporting me and only stopping when my legs had totally given way.

As soon as I was lying on the bed he knelt between my legs, first planting little kisses over my thighs and all around my pussy then his tongue started to work it’s magic; I was wriggling on the bed, hips bucking, moaning loudly as he licked my pussy, probing inside, and flicked my clit till I could take no more. “I need a rest,” I said, lying back recovering as I watched him undress. He lay beside me and I moved down the bed to take his stirring cock in my hand, swirling my tongue around his balls. His moans of pleasure as I worked up his shaft then took his cock in my mouth sent tingles through my pussy; I had to have him inside me so I moved up slightly and guided his cock head to my pussy as I climbed on top. Slowly I pushed down onto his cock, savouring that wonderful sensation of being totally filled as he stretched me. I built up the pace slowly till I was bouncing energetically, gasping and moaning as a hot wave engulfed me. He pulled me down to kiss him as we reached our peak together, tongues entwined, shuddering as we exploded, the sensation of his warm cream filling my pussy taking me to another peak.

Satisfied, we lay back in each other’s arms and drifted into a deep, contented sleep.


I woke up early and headed for the shower. I must have woken him when I got out of bed; as soon as the water started flowing he joined me. First I cleaned him all over, quickly soaping his back, arms and torso, then teasingly moving on to his legs before paying extra attention to his balls and cock. I couldn’t resist a quick suck of his cock while I was there; mm it tasted sweet, but he pulled away, saying he had other ideas for his cream this morning, kissing me as he started washing me, massaging my breasts when he reached them and his fingers lingering over my now very wet pussy too. Next he turned me round to wash my back, planting a trail of kisses down my neck and shoulders as he did it.  By now my pussy was on fire; “I need you now” I said. He told me to rest my hands against the wall and bend forwards, stroking my pussy, getting his hand soaked with my juices which he then ran all around my bum hole before positioning his cock and very slowly and gently sliding inside. I started panting as he started sliding slowly in and out, one hand holding my hip to steady himself and fingers from the other sliding in and out my pussy in the same rhythm as his cock in my bum. I was heading quickly for my peak and he speeded his stroke so he would join me, releasing his cream with a moan as I shuddered in ecstasy. What a lovely start to the day.

After a leisurely day we went to bed early, kissing and caressing the moment we lay down, tongues dancing together. As we kissed he started tracing a finger around my breast, circling in towards the stiff nipple, tweaking the nipple firmly as I wriggled and gasped, then repeated it with the other breast and nipple. Breaking the kiss he took each nipple in turn in his mouth, biting gently and sucking as I moaned and wriggled my way to several delicious peaks, judging the moment perfectly when I could take no more.

We resumed our kiss, with him now on top of me, stroking my clit and my soaking wet, aching pussy; I could feel his cock was rock hard and throbbing. As we kissed he positioned his cock on my pussy lips, pausing for a moment before sliding inside, filling me with that first stroke, the lovely sensation of fullness sending me over the edge again with a shudder. I pulled my legs up around his shoulders and wrapped them around his back, pulling him deeper still inside me. He took me to one delicious peak after another, varying his stroke, sometimes slow and long strokes, saving the short deep fast strokes for when my breathing was rapid and I was moaning signalling the closeness of my next peak. Finally he could hold off no more and drove me to a final peak to meet his own, long rapid strokes as the hot wave engulfed me then a huge explosion as we both cried out, the sensation of his cock throbbing and his cream filling me sending me over the edge.

Exhausted he collapsed on top of me, rolling over and taking me in arms, his softening cock still inside me as we drifted off to sleep. 


We were both still sated after the previous night’s fun, and even in the shower I didn’t even think about stroking my nipples and pussy to take myself to a small orgasm as I usually do.

That night we were still both contented. However as we lay down in bed, naked bodies touching I felt his cock starting to stir as we kissed, so I reached down to stroke him. As I stroked his cock and balls gently he tweaked my nipples and sucked and bit them gently, sending tingles through my pussy. He stopped sucking and biting and I knew what he wanted immediately, getting on top of him and licking the length of his cock while his tongue teased my clit and pussy so cleverly, making me pant and gasp and my pussy contract slightly. I took his cock in my mouth and at the same moment he slid his tongue inside me making me moan. I was very close to my peak and sensing that he stepped up the pace as I started taking him deeper in my mouth, lips grasping him firmly. The cries as I peaked resonated on his cock.

And feeling it throbbing I too stepped up the pace. His tongue didn’t stop even while I was at a peak, alternating between my pussy and my clit to take me towards another peak. I felt his balls tighten slightly so I wrapped my lips even more firmly round him as I milked his cock, the cream spurting in my mouth tipping me over the edge too, sending my juices over his tongue and mouth.

I must have fallen asleep while we were kissing and caressing as we both recovered.


The tingling in my pussy woke me up; he had been kissing my thighs and pussy, and by the time I was awake his tongue had reached my clit, then started lapping up the juices he had made appear. Realising I was awake he moved up and kissed me, holding me in his arms as we caressed. As we lay there next to each other I could feel his hot hard cock against my thigh. Still kissing he pulled me closer and pushed his cock into my eager pussy. I gasped as he filled me, my pussy aching. Settling into a slow rhythm of deep long strokes we kissed and caressed as he took us both to our peak. I cried out as I exploded, my pussy contracting strongly to milk every last drop of his cream. “Mm that was a lovely way to say good morning,” I told him.

That evening he had something a little special planned, and took me to bed early. We both undressed, then he told me to lie on the bed, with my legs apart and my arms above my head. Picking up the stockings he had asked me to leave out earlier, he loosely tied me to the bed, and tied my scarf over my eyes. First he kissed me to relax me, my pussy tingling in anticipation; I was already very wet and the fire was raging in my pussy. Next he moved down to my breasts, stroking them, teasing my nipples to stiffness before taking each nipple in his mouth in turn, biting and sucking as I wriggled, gasped and moaned in ecstasy, straining against my ties. Not being able to see what would come next heightened the anticipation, taking me to several peaks before he’d even reached my pussy with his tongue. I started begging him to fuck me, my pussy ached so badly now and feeling something hard against my pussy lips I gasped and smiled but when he pushed inside it didn’t feel like his cock and then I heard a click of a switch and the familiar buzzing of my vibrator. He turned it straight up to the maximum setting and mercilessly took me from peak to peak, stroking it in and out slowly, pressing hard against my clit. The pressure in my pussy and head was constant and although I kept exploding the pressure built so rapidly it quickly overwhelmed me. Again and again I cried out with pleasure; soon I was begging him to let me rest but he laughed and said I could take more than 5 minutes of the vibrator. After another 5 minutes of this I was soaking wet, nearly screaming and writhing on the bed as much as the restraints would allow me. I needed to draw my legs up to cope with the overwhelming sensations but that wasn’t possible. The fire was raging in my pussy and again I begged him to stop, saying I needed his cock inside me. He took off the blindfold as he positioned his cock, plunging straight in. kissing me, our tongues hungrily exploring each other’s mouths as he stroked in and out. He used long slow strokes at first to take me to yet another peak, switching to fast short deep strokes to take him to his own peak. Hearing his moans of pleasure as he exploded deep inside me tipped me over the edge one last time that night and yet another overwhelming hot wave swept through me as I exploded with a cry.


It was a lovely day so we decided to go out for a long walk and a picnic lunch but he said I must wear a loose skirt today and I must not wear a bra or knickers. I felt tingles of anticipation in my pussy when he said that, and of course I complied, also putting on my stockings and suspender belt.

As we walked happily along with the sun on our backs I flushed at the thought that I had no underwear on, before deciding it didn’t matter, after all there was nobody else around and even if there were anyone, how would they know my secret? My embarrassment faded, giving way to feeling horny as my thoughts moved to him, and what he would do later. My hand strayed to stroke my breast through my blouse as I was lost deep in my thoughts, my wet pussy starting to throb at my thoughts, making me wish he would relieve my ache now.

We came to a small clearing and decided this was a good place to stop. He was smiling at me as he started to kiss me. Tingles ran down my spine as his warm lips enclosed my own lips and our tongues entwined. This fantastic kiss stoked the fire in my throbbing pussy. Sensing that, his hand reached for my breast, tweaking my nipple to make the fire burn even stronger until he took pity on me and broke the kiss to take my nipple in his mouth. Gasping with pleasure when he quickly bit my nipple, little bites that thrilled me, I begged him to stroke my pussy for me.  Pressure rapidly built in my pussy and inner thighs as his nimble finger caressed my soaking wet pussy, lingering over my clit and flicking. As my gasps got louder he left my nipple and resumed the kiss, still flicking as an incredible warm wave washed over me then I exploded, sending my legs to jelly as almost every muscle in my body twinged. Kissing me gently he let my peak subside, holding me tightly, so tightly I could feel his cock stirring; he’d enjoyed making me come, and he told me he’d been anticipating these moments, watching me as we walked knowing I had no underwear on.

Once I’d recovered, he broke from our kiss, pushing gently on my head as he relaxed back against a tree; knowing what he wanted I eagerly unzipped his jeans while I got on my knees in front of him. I took his cock in my right hand, swirling my tongue all around his balls before I started to lick his shaft, my own breath rapidly quickening and pussy twitching as I saw his cock respond to my tongue. My tongue made slow progress up his shaft; licking all around while I cupped his balls in my right hand until eventually I reached his head. He let out a few murmurs of sheer pleasure as my tongue flicked over his head a few times, my hand stroking his balls at the same time until I could wait no longer and took his cock into my mouth. It felt thick in my mouth, but not uncomfortably so, and tasted good, almost sweet as I gripped firmly with my lips. I worked faster building the pressure in my pussy, both of us gasping as I took him deeper and deeper, stroking his balls and holding his cock with my other hand to keep building towards our peaks. As I felt his balls contract the warmth swept through me as my pussy contracted in a gentle peak but left my pussy aching still. He was at his peak too, telling me so as I felt his cock throb and his cream spurt straight down the back of my throat.

Taking my hand he pulled me back up and took me in his arms to kiss again as we both recovered. Feeling his lips enclosing mine stoked my fire, and hearing my breathing quickening rekindled his fire. Leaning me against the tree, tweaking my nipples as we kissed, he took me close to a peak again already. My pussy was screaming out to me that she needed his cock to relieve her ache, so I told him how much I wanted his long cock inside me. Lifting my skirt, he placed the tip of his cock just inside my pussy and held it there as I gasped with pleasure. He pushed in the rest of the way in one swift movement, filling me. We were both greedy, wanting another peak swiftly, and he settled into a very quick rhythm of short deep strokes. I felt his throb, and the warm rush of his cream deep inside me pushed me over the edge. Shuddering I cried out as I exploded, all my muscles going into spasms, pleasant sensations overwhelming me then leaving me feeling exhausted but contented.

Unable to stand, we sank to the ground in an embrace, holding each other loosely for a few minutes before hunger overtakes us and we decide to eat our picnic. He watched with a smile on his face as I walked across to the food, seeing his precious cream trickling down my thigh. 


That night I was first to lie down on the bed, smiling as I watched him undress. He opened the bottle of wine we’d bought earlier and poured a glass, holding it for me to take a sip then taking a sip himself before he lay down beside me, taking me in his arms to kiss, tongues dancing in the wine. My nipples were rock hard, rubbing against his bare chest, beckoning him. He broke the kiss as I gasped in anticipation, certain that he would have my nipples in his mouth in a second; with a soft moan he took a nipple in his mouth. While he alternated between his tongue caressing my nipples and biting them gently, his hand danced down to my pussy, feeling the moist heat building. I was wriggling, my hips bucking, unbearably hot, my moans getting louder as a large orgasm overwhelmed me, pussy contracting strongly.

While my breathing returned to normal he picked up the glass of wine. Very carefully he poured some into my boiling hot pussy, once again taking my breath away. Kneeling between my legs he started to lap the wine up. “Oh yes that feels fantastic” I gasped “Faster, please don’t stop”. His tongue gathered up every last drop of wine, which had mingled with my ever increasing juices, but he didn’t neglect my clit, sweeping his tongue up to flick at intervals taking me quickly to another peak. My cries of pleasure filled the room as he kept me at a peak for a few minutes, shuddering till I could take no more. I sank onto my back exhausted, pussy still contracting while my breathing slowed down.

As I lay there I looked at him; his big cock was so hard and inviting, I had to take it in my mouth soon, but first pulled him back down beside me to resume that wonderful kiss that sent tingles down my spine. I could wait no longer, and broke the kiss to reach across for the glass of wine, letting him take a sip before I did, wriggling down the bed to start licking his balls. As my tongue swirled over his balls they contracted very slightly; seeing his pleasure made my pussy throb again. My tongue moved up to cover his shaft in long licks. We both moaned softly, his head was glistening before my tongue even reached it, and I could taste his sweet pre-cum as I bathed his head in licks, running round and round. My own excitement was building again seeing how much he was enjoying this; I needed to make him cum soon. Taking another sip of wine but holding it in my mouth this time I wrapped my lips around his cock, holding it firmly as I started to bob up and down, my hard nipples meeting his thighs with each movement. His cock felt so good in my mouth, it is so wide I can only just manage to take it in, the sensation of fullness always makes my pussy ache for release.

 “Climb on top, I want to taste you again” he said. I didn’t need asking twice, and did as he said, his oral ministrations driving me toward my peak. Panting, I could feel he was close too, each time he made me shudder and gasp I gripped him more firmly with my lips, taking him that little bit deeper. Spurred on by the increasing pressure of my building orgasm I swallowed the wine and manage to relax my throat enough to take his long cock to the back of my throat and gradually slid it further down till I had almost the entire length in me, very gently caressing his balls as I did that. The pressure in my head and pussy was unbearable as he mercilessly flicked my clit with his tongue, moaning and telling me how he likes me taking him that deep. My cries as I exploded resonated on his cock, sending him over the edge as we shuddered together; I felt his cock throb and his balls tighten then his warm cream filled my mouth. I didn’t want to waste a drop and although this orgasm was huge, making my muscles all over my body go into spasms and my arms tingle, yet I managed to stay in place long enough to lick his head clean before I released his cock and collapsed next to him.

Exhausted we lay in each other’s arms kissing and caressing gently as we recovered.

While we lay there talking quietly, we shared a glass of wine, still in each other’s arms. As the glass emptied his hand found my breasts, softly tracing a spiral toward each nipple in turn, re-waking the fire in my pussy. I moaned quietly; we were close together and I could feel his cock stirring against my legs. He had the last mouthful of the wine, and held it in his mouth as he took my nipple in his mouth making me gasp and stoking the fire in my pussy. Hearing me panting and moaning as he sucked hard, then bit my nipples, he reached down to see how much pussy is enjoying this; he smiled when he felt the heat and commented how soaked it already was. The pressure was building rapidly even before he started to flick my clit quickly with his finger; I wriggled, bucking my hips as I cried out. While I was at this new peak, muscles contracting, head exploding, he carried on flicking, sucking, biting, and speeded up the pace. “I need a rest now” I gasped after a few minutes of this bliss.

Lying in his arms recovering I couldn’t resist touching his cock to feel how hard it was; already hard, it grew further in my firm grip. I released his cock immediately when I heard his stern voice; “did I say you could do that?” he said, turning me over and pushing me round so I was lying on my front over the edge of the bed and swiftly slapping my exposed bum twice. Mm I love it when he takes control like that; my pussy had flooded again and was throbbing. “I need you to fuck me now” I thought. As if he could hear my thoughts, he slid his cock into my pussy, his thick cock stretching me, and with a push he had filled me totally, his cock feeling like it belonged there, almost a part of me. Already I could feel the wave of heat that signalled another peak. He started sliding in and out, almost all the way out then sliding in as far as he could so his balls slapped against me, slowly at first as I moaned in pleasure, gradually speeding up as he took us both to a peak. He felt my pussy muscles contract around him, milking him; I cried out as I exploded, him keeping up the pace to make this explosion last, then we crawled onto the bed and sank into a deep sleep.


Sunday brought a surprise for me. We woke with a kiss and a leisurely fuck like we had on Thursday; as we lay there next to each other kissing and caressing I could feel his hot hard cock as he pulled me closer and pushed his cock into my waiting pussy. I gasping as he filled me; he settled into a slow rhythm of deep long strokes he took us both to our peak.

I headed for the shower but he had other ideas; he jumped off the bed telling me to bend over it. “Trust me,” he said as he kissed my neck; tingles ran down my spine as I wondered what he planned to happen next. I heard him picking something up from beside the bed. While he continued the trail of kisses down my neck to keep me relaxed he very gently slid his big cock inside my tight bum hole, both of us gasping with pleasure as he did. Starting to slowly slide in and out using short strokes, he surprised me again by slipping my vibrator in my pussy with the vibration set to low while he kept up the slow gentle pace with his cock. This double pleasure was almost too much to take; I was in heaven, I felt drunk with the wonderful sensations throughout my body overwhelming me. He kept the same rhythm with both, speeding up his pace, as my cries got louder. I felt him throb as an enormous hot wave engulfed me.  As the pressure in my pussy and head exploded leaving muscles all over me twitching, I felt his cream spurt inside me, filling me, making me his at that moment. He slid my vibrator out as he collapsed on top of me, still inside me, both of us totally spent but contented, my pussy still contracting strongly as we lay there.

Today after breakfast we had the drive home so reluctantly we got up, showered and dressed, exchanging one last kiss before getting into our cars and driving in different directions to our homes.

Copyright MR 2003

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