Fantasies of my Lover - part 5
(MF, oral)

Itís such a pleasant October morning that I decide to go for a walk through the park by the lakes. Hurriedly I shower and dress, picking a blouse and long, loose skirt. It seems as if I am in the trees in no time at all, as I walk with the sun shining warmly on my back, my mind wandering to thoughts of you. It is very peaceful, the park is deserted, the air is still and thereís no sound apart from some birds.

As I walk happily along I suddenly realise I have forgotten to put on my knickers and bra in my eagerness to get into the fresh air. I flush at the thought, then decide it doesnít matter, after all thereís nobody else around and even if there were anyone, how would they know my secret? My embarrassment fades and gives way to feeling horny as my thoughts return to you, and what you would do if you were with me right now. My hand strays to stroke my breast through my blouse as I am lost deep in my thoughts, my wet pussy starting to throb at my thoughts, making me wish you were here to relieve my ache.

Suddenly my daydream is interrupted by the sound of someone close behind me. Before I have a chance to turn round, with my heart pounding I feel a hand on my waist. My fear subsides as this mysterious hand turns me around and I see you smiling at me as you start to kiss me. Tingles run down my spine as your warm lips enclose my own lips and our tongues gently entwine. This fantastic kiss stokes the fire in my throbbing pussy. Sensing that, your hand reaches for my breast, tweaking my nipple to make the fire burn even stronger until you take pity on me and break the kiss to take my nipple in your mouth. Gasping with pleasure when you quickly bite my nipple, little bites that thrill me, I beg you to stroke my pussy for me. Pressure rapidly builds in my pussy and inner thighs as your nimble finger caresses my now soaking wet pussy, lingering over my clit and flicking mercilessly. As my gasps get louder you leave my nipple and resume the kiss, still flicking as an incredible warm wave washes over me then I explode, sending my legs to jelly as almost every muscle in my body twinges. Kissing me gently you let my peak subside, holding me tightly, so tightly I can feel your cock stirring; youíve enjoyed making me come.

Once Iíve recovered, you break from our kiss, telling me Iíve been rather naughty leaving off my knickers today. Thoughts of what you may do now make the fire in my pussy smoulder. You push gently on my head as you relax back against a tree telling me I need to be punished; I know immediately what you want me to do, eagerly unzipping your jeans while I get on my knees in front of you. I take your warm growing cock in my right hand, swirling my tongue all around your balls before I start to lick your shaft, my own breath rapidly quickening and pussy twitching as I see your cock respond to my tongue. My tongue makes slow progress up your shaft, licking all around while I now cup your balls in my right hand until eventually I reach your head. You let out a few murmurs of sheer pleasure as my tongue flicks over your head a few times, my hand stroking your balls at the same time until I can wait no longer and take your cock into my mouth. It feels thick in my mouth, but not uncomfortably so, and tastes good, almost sweet as I grip firmly with my lips. I work faster building the pressure in my pussy, both of us gasping as I take you deeper and deeper until I feel I can take no more, you are at the back of my throat. I hold still for a moment, stroking your balls and holding your cock with my other hand to keep building towards our peaks, and then find I can take you deeper still, till I have almost all of you in my mouth. As I feel your balls contract the warmth sweeps through me as my pussy contracts in a gentle peak but leaves my pussy aching still. You are at your peak too, telling me so while I continue to take you so very deeply that I feel your cream spurt straight down the back of my throat as you throb.

Taking my hand you pull me back up and take me in your arms to kiss again as we both recover. Once again feeling your warm lips enclosing mine stokes my fire, and hearing my breathing quickening rekindles your own fire. Leaning me against the tree you again make me gasp as you tweak my nipples as we kiss, taking me close to a peak again already. The fire is raging in my pussy again now; she is screaming out to me that she needs your cock to relieve her ache, so I tell you how much I want your long cock inside me. Lifting my skirt, you place the tip of your cock just inside my pussy and hold it there as I gasp with pleasure. You push in the rest of the way in one swift movement so as to fill me. That feels so good, being stretched but feeling like your cock belongs there, almost like it is a part of me. We are both greedy, wanting another peak swiftly, and you settle into a very quick rhythm. I canít suppress my moans as the pressure builds, an intense wave of heat sweeping through me, my head feeling as if there is a huge elastic band tightening around it. I feel your cock start to throb, and feel a warm rush of your cream inside me pushing me over the edge. Shuddering I cry out, all my muscles going into spasms, the band on my head suddenly released, pleasant sensations overwhelming me then leaving me feeling exhausted but contented.

Unable to stand, we sink to the ground in an embrace, holding each other loosely for a few minutes before with a final kiss you say you must go. I stand up to start the short walk home. Once again it is silent except for the birds singing, and you watch with a smile on your face as I walk happily home, seeing your precious cream trickling down my thigh.

Copyright MR 2003

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