Fantasies of my Lover - part 4

As I sat at my pc reading an email you’d sent me earlier my mind started to wander, and I was thinking about the last time we met. Soon I was so horny I ached so I went upstairs and undressed, taking my new toys to bed with me to choose which would offer me the release I desperately needed.

I lay on the bed for a few minutes rubbing my right nipple with a fingertip whilst I decided which to play with. I ran my right hand over the new vibrator (8 inches long and nice and thick just the way I like a cock.), sighing as I closed my eyes and dreamily cupped my hand around it and let my hand slide up and down it. I could feel my pussy getting wetter as I started rubbing my rock hard nipple more firmly using thumb and forefinger. By now the aching in my pussy was unbearable. I picked up the dildo and cupped the thick end in my right hand. That felt really good, very similar to a real cock and I lay there for a minute enjoying the warm sensation, which went through my body till I was close to coming. I couldn’t resist putting a finger down to feel my swollen clit and my pussy which was wet and hot and screaming for me to satisfy her.

So finally I took pity on my pussy and took the dildo down to her. I slid it up and down my slit till it was nicely wet, rubbing my left nipple as the pressure built in my pussy and I came, a gentle orgasm where I could feel my muscles contract and which left me feeling warm but still hungry for more. Well after that I wanted to come again so I slipped the dildo in, all the time imagining it was you, I was tight after coming, muscles still contracting a little but my pussy was so wet it slid in quite easily. With a gasp I pushed it in as far as it would go so it had completely filled my pussy. That sent little ripples beyond my pussy and right through my body. I had stopped rubbing my nipple by now and stroked my clit, enjoying feeling full without actually moving the dildo but as that brought me closer to coming, and the ache was there as strongly as ever so I had to move it and used quick deep short strokes till I was gasping and shuddering. This time it was very intense, my muscles contracted so strongly I felt it throughout my body and it left my muscles contracting for a while after but also left me desperately wanting another so I used slow long deep strokes to let myself recover before building to the short deep strokes again. I altered the angle slightly till I found the one which left me gasping - I couldn't lay still and moved my hips in time to the strokes as another orgasm overwhelmed me.

Still my body was screaming for more, I would have liked to try turning over (I'd been on my back the whole time) but just felt too exhausted by then to do that. So I again switched to the slow long strokes for a minute then switched back and within 10 strokes I was gasping, writhing and shuddering. This time I felt totally exhausted, and left it still inside me for a minute enjoying the feeling of fullness before lying in bed recovering for a while, finally feeling satisfied.

Copyright MR 2003

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