Fantasies of my Lover - part 3
(MF, bondage(mild), oral)

With the house to myself, I decide to have a bath before you come round later on, and soon Iím sinking back into the relaxing warm water, surrounded by bubbles. I close my eyes, and let my fingers linger over my rapidly stiffening nipples, sighing contentedly. This feels so good, as my fingers dance down towards my beckoning pussy. Iím getting really horny, pussy aching and begging for release. My thoughts turn to mr rabbit so I walk through to the bedroom wrapped in a towel, and take both mr rabbit and my dildo out of the drawer.

As I lay down on the bed, closing my eyes, I think I hear the door opening and wonder if I could have left it unlocked but pussy needs my attention too badly to stop and check, so I start to rub mr rabbit along my soaking wet pussy. She is begging for mr rabbit to be inside her, so, gasping I slide him in and turn on the vibrator.

As I wriggle on the bed Iím aware of someone else in the room. I open my eyes, feeling your hands on my arms, gently pulling my arms over my head as you tell me how naughty I am to start playing when I knew youíd be coming round soon. You take mr rabbit from my hand as you tie my arms to the headboard with my dressing gown belt, telling me that now you are going to punish me. Unable to move my arms to satisfy my screaming pussy, I beg you to take me over the edge, I had been so close, but you silence me with a kiss, continuing the kiss after youíve undressed. As I wonder exactly how you plan to punish me, my nipples stiffen and my pussy tingles with anticipation. You see my stiffening nipples and break from the kiss so you can take my nipple in your mouth. I squirm, straining against the belt, gasping and moaning as you bite my nipple, gentle quick bites sending waves of pleasure throughout my body till my pussy contracts and relaxes; youíve taken me over the edge but still my pussy is screaming for more attention.

Now I beg you to slide your cock inside me but you tell me my punishment is far from finished, no amount of pleading will change your mind as you move down the bed and start running your warm tongue along my inner thigh. You are drawn to my hot wet slit, and lick up and down, flicking my clit each time as I gasp and struggle to catch my breath. As you carry on licking and flicking mercilessly I wriggle, hips bucking as I start to beg you to stop, my mind going wild as you keep me at the peak, flicking and licking faster and faster, struggling to keep up with all my juices which are flowing. Every muscle in my body is contracting, I am boiling hot, yet my pussy still aches so much, and I am desperate to have your cock inside me.

Finally you stop, and allow me to calm a little as I struggle to catch my breath, but this does not last long. Youíve remembered mr rabbit. I am so very wet that you are able to slide him straight in, immediately turning up the vibration to full and taking me straight back to that peak. Once again my senses are going mad; I really canít take much more of this, straining at the belt which is holding me. Again I beg you to stop, itís your cock I want I say no more mr rabbit please, but you say you havenít yet forgiven me for starting without you. I think of how I may earn that, and through the constant peak you have me in manage to beg you to release me so I can suck you to earn your forgiveness. You turn off the vibration and slide out mr rabbit and I sink back on the bed, pussy continuing to contract strongly as I lay still while you untie the belt.

You lay down next to me on the bed, and I sit up, taking your cock in my hand, licking round your balls. While my own body calms, yours is stirring; your cock grows in my hand, getting ever harder as I greedily lick all along the full length, lingering over the head. I move to kneel between your legs so I can take you in my mouth, firmly gripping with my lips as I bob up and down, taking you deeper than ever before, my pussy starting to throb again. We are both breathing faster, you are quietly moaning, telling me how good it feels. I stroke your balls as I take you deeper still so the head is right at the back of my throat, and you gasp to me that I am now definitely forgiven. Itís your turn to squirm on the bed, your obvious pleasure making my pussy contact, and I am overwhelmed with a need for your cock inside me again.

I release the grip my lips have and move up slightly, feeling my own moisture between my legs, climbing on top of you, and guide you in. Your cock feels warm, stiff but not so hard it will hurt me, and as you enter it sends tingles down my spine, my pussy contracting slightly in anticipation of the pleasure to come, leaving me with an ache in the lower part of my pussy and extending into my inner thighs but which your cock will massage away. As I push down on your cock it slips further in, feeling as if itís too big at first, stretching me and making me gasp. Now you have filled me, and I stay still for a moment enjoying the feeling, it feels like it belongs, almost like itís a part of me making me feel warm and contented. I start moving, slowly at first, then speed up slightly. I lean slightly closer to you and you tweak my nipples making me moan Ė it feels so good when you do that it takes my breath away, making me feel slightly drunk and my pussy contracts slightly in response. The pressure is building in the lower part of my pussy, I feel as if I am floating, my head is about to explode, it feels like I have a band tightening around my head and it is now unbearable. You sense me getting closer, my breathing is getting faster and you start thrusting you hips upwards to make each stroke deeper still. An intense warm wave engulfs me, speeding through my body up to my head and then the release comes. I cry out as the lower part of my pussy explodes, feeling like itís been blown downwards, every muscle in my body seems to contract, starting with my pussy and radiating outwards. The band that was so tight around my head has also exploded leaving me feeling incredibly peaceful and contented.

I sigh happily, as you hold me tightly and sit up, thrusting slowly as you kiss me, letting me recover. Once Iíve recovered you push me back gently and get me to bend my legs, resting them by your shoulders. I gasp as I feel your cock hit my womb, sending warm waves of pleasure and contentment through me, making the muscles in my pussy and legs twitch and tingle. You build up the rhythm, faster, deeper, then you shift slightly and each stroke now hits my g spot, making me feel drunk, taking my breath away as it the sensations of pleasure overwhelm me, pressure building steadily in my pussy and head again. You are thrusting fast still, long deep strokes, balls slapping against me, filling me totally with each stroke. I know you are close, I can feel your balls tighter with each thrust, and your cock is swelling, stretching me further. The knowledge you are so close builds the pressure in me to fever pitch, the overwhelming warm wave starts to go through me again as you kiss me, holding me tightly as we both moan. As I explode my pussy is contracting strongly, milking you and I feel your cock throb, and feel the warm fluid filling me as the contentment that signals the end of my own orgasm sweeps over me. We roll to our sides and stay holding each other, kissing, my pussy not willing to let your cock go for a few minutes, until eventually she releases him and we lay still, exhausted but contented.

Copyright MR 2003

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