Fantasies of my Lover - part 2
(MF, oral)

I walk out of the house, lock the front door and get in my car, turning up the volume on the CD Ė Iím happy today, and getting very turned on thinking about what will happen when we meet. I donít have far to drive, to a quiet car park, and as I arrive itís deserted. After a few minutes I smile as I see your car, which you park near mine.

You wave to me, asking me to come to your car. As soon as I am inside we start to kiss, holding each other close. Your hand wanders to my breast, continuing the kiss and I sigh contentedly, my pussy rapidly becoming warm and wet as you run your fingers over my nipple. Sensing how horny I am you take your hand away from my breast, and slip it inside my skirt, telling me how naughty I am to not be wearing any knickers. Your fingers reach my pussy, running your fingers along the outside feeling how wet I am, as I start to breath quicker. Your finger reaches my clit, flicking faster and faster in pace with my breathing, making me pant and gasp. As the hot wave of my peak washes over me you silence my moans of pleasure by resuming the kiss, tongues entwined as my pussy muscles contract, and my whole body exploding, legs going to jelly as you keep on flicking and caressing to keep me at a peak till I can take this bliss no more and ask you to stop.

I want to thank you for all the pleasure you gave me, so I unzip your jeans, slide down your boxers and stroke your growing cock. I break off from the kiss, still holding your long cock, and with quickening breath licking around your balls, my pussy muscles stirring on seeing your enjoyment. My tongue moves on, licking along your shaft, slowly till it reaches your head, licking round and round your head as you sigh. Iím breathing quicker, and canít wait any longer, so take you in my mouth, tongue still stroking you as I bob, lips firmly holding you. As the pressure starts to build in my pussy I work faster, stroking your balls till I feel them clench and I take you as deep as I can manage. I explode at this point, knowing how close you are, and manage to keep up the pace although all my muscles are contracting and a warm wave is going through me. Very soon after my peak I feel the throb as you let out a moan, and then my mouth fills with your warm cream. I carry on till I have milked it all, then run my tongue around your head, leaving you totally clean before I release you from my lips and swallow your precious cream.

We hold each other for a few minutes, caressing and kissing gently until you see the time and say you really must go now or youíll be late for work. With a final kiss we say goodbye, and then I get back in my car and we both drive off with a smile on our faces.

Copyright MR 2003

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