Fantasies of my Lover - part 1

I unlock the front door, stepping in out of the pouring rain on a grey October morning. Soaked through to my bra and knickers, I take off my jacket and shoes and head upstairs for the shower, discarding my wet clothes. I let the warm water massage me as I wash myself all over, lingering over my breasts, running my hands lightly over my rapidly stiffening nipples. My pussy feels hot and wet, and is starting to ache; I need to have something inside her so turn off the shower, wrapping a towel around me as I walk over to the bed, reaching into the drawer for my dildo.

As I reach down I hear a sound behind me, and then I feel a hand on my waist, another on my back. Before I have a chance to turn around, Iím gently forced to bend over the bed, face into the mattress. As a scarf is wrapped around my eyes my heart pounds, but my fear subsides as my neck is bathed in soft kisses that re kindle the fire in my pussy. I gasp as this mystery hand probes my soaking wet pussy, flicking my clit with one finger while another finger slips inside. As the pleasant sensations overwhelm me I hear a contented sigh behind me. My legs start to turn to jelly as the fingers speed up, leaving me panting, gasping for breath, quivering as a hot wave sweeps over me and I cry out as I explode.

Knowing now that I am very ready for him, he enters me from behind, teasing at first, leaving his cock just at my pussy entrance. My pussy is screaming out for him to fill me, so I push back and he takes the hint, sliding all the way in as I gasp with pleasure. Moving slowly at first he settles into a steady rhythm, stretching me, his cock feeling as if it belongs inside me, each stroke making me increasingly breathless as it sends tingles down my spine. The pressure in my pussy and head builds quickly and he seems to sense this, speeding up the rhythm, with long deep strokes. Another warm wave sweeps right through me, overwhelming me; itís impossible to keep quiet and my moans urge him on to take us both to our peaks. My pussy starts contracting, milking him, I can feel his cock throbbing inside me then firing its warm cream deep inside me. The heat in my head subsides as I explode, quivering, every muscle in my body twitching as he collapses exhausted on me, still inside me.

We lay like that for a few minutes, his arms around me, planting soft kisses on my neck, until his cock finally slips out and he stands up. I wonder if Iíll be allowed to see him now but no, he turns me over, pulling my legs onto the bed and telling me to shuffle across to the middle. My pussy gets wetter still as he gently ties my legs to the bedposts, leaving me spread-eagled as if I am his sacrifice. Although I cannot see him I sense him watching for a few minutes before I feel the bed move and realised he is climbing on top of me, taking me in his arms. The anticipation is almost unbearable, my pussy aches again wanting another release; I start to beg him to enter me again but my words are silenced by a passionate kiss, both of us holding each other tightly. Feeling his tongue wrapped around mine is divine, sending tingles down my spine again but only serves to make my pussy scream louder for him so I move my hands, feeling for his cock; he is already between my spread legs so I guide his stiffening cock to my beckoning pussy. He needs no further encouragement, sliding his cock in as far as it will go, breaking the kiss to lick, suck and bite my nipples. This feels so fantastic, leaving me gasping as he settles into a fast rhythm of small deep thrusts, teasing my nipples all the while to frenzy. The pressure is building inside me again, I feel I canít take too much more of this, bucking my hip, straining at the scarves which restrict my legs intensifying the wonderful sensations I am feeling; I desperately want to be taken to a peak again and start begging him to release my legs so I can draw my knees up to speed me to bliss but he says no they stay right there. The pleasant sensations throughout my body are totally overwhelming; again I find it impossible to keep quiet and my moans drive him on. I start to feel dizzy, almost drunk; the pressure has built to the point where I feel I will surely explode. My moans have now turned to cries of sheer pleasure that he muffles with a lingering kiss, tongues entwined as we both explode together, my body quivering, every muscle I have contracting. My pussy carries on contracting strongly for a few minutes as if to milk every last drop of his precious cream before letting him go. I lay back exhausted but feeling contented, barely aware of his lips brushing mine gently.

I awake and take off the scarf that was blindfolding me. I am now alone, the only evidence of him having been here are the scarves still binding me to the bed and the cream that is dripping from my pussy.

Copyright MR 2003

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