A Rose
By Hanna
(MF, cheat, oral)

My name is Rose. I am a slut wife and a flight attendant for a major airline. There aren't many women like me and I like that. So does Ed.

Ed and I met on a flight to Seattle. He was the first officer and I was a flight attendant. I immediately liked him. When I stuck my head in the cockpit to say hello, he said "Wow! You are some good looking lady."

Ed had that look I like in a man, slim, attractive, and a pilot's uniform. Yes, I admit it I wanted a pilot when I met him. He also had a touch of grey hair and at 48 was a good looking man. I am 32.

Italian 'one-half' I have dark brown hair that I color Black. I like the stark colors, black-white and reds.

I learned about sex when I was 12. My aunt gave me a copy of "The Sensual Woman" and I read it cover to cover in a day or two. Within six months my aunt's husband had seduced me: I learned about fucking, hand jobs, sucking cock and how to please a man. By fourteen I had fucked at least ten men. My uncle had me until I was about twenty-two, off and on, so to speak. The next few years I was to capture many a young man's cherry, and was very popular in school. Early on I got my 34D breasts and lots of attention.

By sixteen I was dressing up, looking tewnty-plus and dating men in their 30's. Mother knew and encouraged me to go out with the chief of police, the mayor and other celebrities. If Dad knew, he never said anything, and by seventeen I had fucked men all the way to sixty years of age. The number ran to well over fifty by then.

Today at 32, I'm sexy, slim by choice, 5'7", 115 pounds, and have a nice 34D-22-34.

Ed and I dated for six months before he finally said he thought I was the sexiest woman he had ever been with. I liked that a lot. He also said he thought that I would never be totally he wanted me, but with an open relationship: he'd marry me, but only if I agreed to fuck other men. What sound-thinking lady could turn that down?

It began for real on a misty night with Ed in another town and I at hime. We were having phone-sex when he asked if I wanted a big cock in my wet pussy. The answer was, of course, Yes. He asked if I wanted to seduce some sexy man into fucking me that night. Another Yes. I should, he said, dress up sexy, go to the Hilton and test my sexuality. Then I asked if he wanted me to get fucked. He said Yes and I was on fire.

I went to my closet and selected a nothing dress, back open to the crack of my ass, hip hugging, with straps that tied behind my neck and just barely covered my breasts. I also wore my sexiest high heels: four inches.

I spotted a table in back, away from the band, and loved the looks I got as I sauntered across the floor. Ed had given me a two-carat diamond as an engagement ring. It was beautiful, but I wondered if it would slow the men down. I didn't have long to wait.

David leaned over my table. "Buy you a drink?" he asked.

"Yes," I said easily as I checked out his full head of grey hair. He was slightly taller than me, and slim.

"What's a sexy thing like you doing out here alone tonight?" Dave asked, smiling.

"Bored," I said. "Needed to get out."

"Where's hubby?" he asked.

"He's a pilot, away on a trip."

"Oh. Oh," Dave smiled again. "And now you're the cat's-away mouse?"

"Yes," I answered smiling at him.

Dave's hand covered mine now. He admired my well manicured nails with red nail cover. "Want to dance?"

Dave held me close even though the music was medium-paced and soon I knew he was getting aroused. I liked that'turning him onAnd when his hand found the swell of my back and lower, I encouraged him. His cock was erect against my belly. I loved feeling it roll as we moved.

Back at the table Dave sat close and ran his hand over my knees. "Does hubby know you're out tonight?"

I thought for a moment. What should I say? I decided to go with the truth. "Yes, he does. He wants me to enjoy myself while he's away." Dave did not seem outwardly shocked.

"Nice man. I think I like him," Dave said. "I like you, too. Even better than him."

He leaned forward and kissed me lightly, but I met him more than half-way. My tongue shot out and teased him. What was a mere peck became hotter. He got the message.

Dave excused himself and left the table for a few minutes. When he returned he leaned over and kissed me again. Again we exchanged tongues. The sexuality was building.

Now Dave was even more open. "I want to make love to you tonight," he said.

I was shocked at his blunt statement. I think I laughed at his bluntness. His hand on my knee felt very good and I loved his kisses. "I don't know about that," I said not sure where to go with it next. But he knew.

"Look," he said, "we like each other, right?"


"So why not? Ed would approve, I'm sure." Dave was mothing if not persistent.

I smiled at the reference to Ed. He probably would like it. I was sure I would.

Dave saw his opening. "Look let's go to your place. If it doesn't feel right, we'll just talk."

Dave's hand was now inside my thigh and I was wearing no hose. I felt his heat and my pussy was getting wet. Dave kissed me again and this time it was hotter. His fingers grazed over my crotch and I knew he felt my wetness.

"Okay," I said. I knew I wanted to get fucked, and he knew it also.

Outside at my car he pulled my close and laid a very hot kiss on me. His tongue and mine dueled for depth while our bodies pressed tight for reaction. He reacted well.

On the way home, Dave following, I wondered what I'd gotten into. I was at the bar fixing a drink when Dave entered the house. From behind, he slide his hands inside the sides of my dress and cupped my breast. I leaned back and he kissed me. Oh, so nice. I melted as his cock growing against my ass....

The phone rang.

I went to the living room and sat on the couch to answer it. The clock said one o'clock'in the morning. "Hi baby." It was Ed and my heart went crazy hearing his voice.

"Oh, hi," I said.

"Have fun?"

There was expectation in his voice. "Yes!" I said. "I have a gorgeous man beside me right now." Dave was right there and his hands were busy. One cupped my crotch and the other was busy at my neck straps. "We just got home."

"Oh!" Ed said. "Gonna get laid?"

"I don't know," I said as Dave put my hand on his now-bare cock. "I hope so."

Dave asked if it was Ed and I nodded.

"Whoops! There goes the dress top." Dave freed the tie and the bodice fell to my waist. He stood and put a knee on the couch, bringing his cock toward my face with my hand still stroking it. I pulled him closer and ovaled my mouth around the head.

"Ummmm, now I have a mouth full of a beautiful cock. I'm in heaven. It looks just like yours."

"Oh yeah, baby. Sounds like you will get laid." Ed was excited.

"I expect so." Dave was leaning into me now and letting me talk and suck intermittently. He was rock hard. "So good honey, I like this," I said as I went back to sucking Dave's cock. I took him deep into my throat and out again, feeling his heat.

Dave was stroking Rose's breasts, so lovely and firm, and he knew climax was near. Seeing the young wife suck his cock while talking with her husband had him very excited. "I'm going to cum," he said.

Rose heard him and took him deeper. When he convulsed and fired his cum, Rose sucked it all down missing nothing. "Oh yes, baby. He just came in my mouth."

"Alright baby. Sounds like you're having fun." Ed was very excited and Rose could hear that in his voice.

"Honey, he wants to fuck me. I have to put the phone down." Rose was wondering what to do now.

Ed had the answer. "Put the phone on the floor on its side and have at it, baby."

Dave was now pulling Rose's dress off and her panties as she talked with her husband. "Okay!" she managed as she turned to put the phone down. Dave placed it on the floor for her and quickly mounted her on the couch. For a several seconds they rolled and positioned themselves as Dave got into her very wet pussy. Rose was in another world. Oh, she liked that full feeling as he pushed inside her more than ready pussy. Ed was forgotten, marriage was forgotten, as she merged with this man. He fucked her hard and deep.

Consumed by lust, Rose pulled her legs up so he could go even deeper.

Dave was raised on his extended arms as he fucked the skinny wife. He loved seeing his cock slice into her cunt. Even better he liked knowing her husband could hear her moans and cries as she was fucked. It turned him on and he was harder than he had ever been in years. He liked seeing her titties bounce as he rammed it in her. Caught up in it he pounded the wife's cunt drawing gasp and moans with each stroke, sounds he knew were going out on the phone to her husband. The sounds of sex filled the room.

Ed heard it all. The couch squeaking as they positioned themselves. The sound of voices not really discernable. Then some quiet and then Rose moaning, the couch squeaking, then the sound of flesh slapping flesh. He knew Rose was getting fucked. It all grew louder, squeaking, moans, slapping, and then the tell-tale sound of a cock splitting a very wet pussy. Ed climaxed.

Having come once, Dave knew he was good for another 20 minutes or better, and his cock was still rock hard. Rose was great: a terrific lay. Her hips moved with him and her legs pulled back, swinging against his side as he pounded her, his cock slicing the skinny brunette's pussy on each stroke. She was one hot bitch, he thought as he watched her take it.

Lost in it all Rose was having climax after climax. She was not focused on anything but getting fucked'not Ed and not what he thought, but what she feltA hard cock in her very wet pussy.

Dave was nearing climax and he lay forward on Rose, feeling her titties press against him. Rose's warm, wet mouth opened for his tongue and he tasted his cum on her lips. This position brought his hard cock up over Rose's clit and she got hotter. Dave loved the way her hips bucked up at him and her legs jack knifed with each thrust. Her pussy was even tighter in this position and he felt her pubic bone scraping his cock as he fucked her.

Now Rose thought of her husband hearing her fuck a stranger. She visualized him stroking his cock as she got fucked. She made a mental note to thank Ed for letting her let her slutty side out. Then her clit took over and she was lost again in lust. She hung on as Dave fucked into her more-than-willing cunt.

The room rocked with sexual sounds and they sped to a thunderous climax. Minutes later Rose was took up the phone as Dave got up to a sitting position.

"Hi baby. It was wonderful, thank you," Rose gushed into the phone.

"Oh yeah, honey. Great lay, huh?" Ed said a bit hoarse. "You are one fantastic woman. Let me talk to Dave now, okay?"

"Sure," Rose said and she handed the phone to Dave.

"Man you are one lucky son of a bitch," Dave said. "This is one beautiful woman. What a body."

"Thanks," Ed said. "I sure love her a lot. Did you enjoy her?"

"Oh man, yes. Best blow job I ever had and what a great lay!"

Rose got an idea. As Dave and Ed talked she eased her way between Dave's legs, sat on the floor and took his flaccid cock in her hands and started stroking him. She told herself it was to drive Ed and Dave crazy, but she knew she just wanted to get fucked again. She mouthed Dave's cock and then his balls. She heard Dave describing what she was doing to him and she worked to get him hard again. It worked.

"I have to hang up now and take your wife to bed. This seems like an all night thing." Dave could take no more. He had to mount the hot brunette again.

The next day I met Ed at the airport. We hugged and kissed warmly. Ed was very excited with all that had happened. He told me several times he loved me and I needed to hear that. In the car he got between my legs and ate me out before we left the parking lot.

"Want to do it again?" Ed ask as we headed home.

I smiled, licked my lips and thought about how easy men are.



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