Double The Fun
By Miss Cocktease
(MMF, voy, exhib, anal)

It was Friday night and just for a change we decided to go out. We don't get out that often, reliable babysitters are hard to find at the best of times. So when we get the chance we try and make the most of the time we have.

I looked at Gav as I emerged from the bathroom. As usual he was ready first. He looked good in the black trousers and white cotton shirt I had brought him in preparation for tonight. I knew they would suit him as soon as I had seen them but it was the feel of the material that had drawn me to them in. The feel of crisp cotton always has the same effect on me. As I ran my hands over the material and felt the contours of his chest, the familiar damp patch began to appear between my thighs. I could tell this was going to be a good night out. I broke off before I was tempted to grab his cock as he gently reminded me that it was almost time for the sitter to arrive.

Gav watched as I began to dress. Slipping on the lacy, white, suspender belt quickly followed by the matching white panties. As I slid the panties over my pussy Gav sighed commenting that he was looking forward to removing them later before he went downstairs to let the sitter in. I slipped on my favourite dress, a little black number, that only just covered my stocking tops and showed off my figure to perfection. After slipping on my shoes I went downstairs to find Gav.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Yes," came the enthusiast reply, "lets go have some fun."

As we neared the car he glanced at me and gave me that knowing smile. It was his way of silently asking me if I wanted to play the game. I knew what he had in mind. Gav was a voyeur and, I was an exhibitionist, something of a perfect combination. The game as we called it consisted of me flashing at other men while Gav sat and watched.

We sat and chatted planning tonight's game as we took the short drive into town. Half the fun of the game was in the planning.

"Haven't you ever wanted go carry the game through to the end?" he asked me.

"Umm, I haven't really ever thought about it." God I couldn't believe he'd even asked that.

"Oh, come on I don't believe that for a moment, I know how horny it makes you remember." He laughed.

"Are you suggesting what I think your suggesting?" I asked.

"Rather depends on what you think I'm suggesting, doesn't it? Now let me see..." He took his hand off the steering wheel and reached down. Placing his hands on the damp material of my panties. "I think that was the answer I was looking for. Don't you?"

"Guess so." I stammered as he pulled his hand away abruptly. "Oh, spoilsport." I bayed at him.

"So you fancy taking the game further tonight?"

"How much further?" I asked cautiously still not completely sure what he had in mind.

"Up to you my love, your choice, just make sure I can see, that's all I ask. Ok?"

I sat in stunned silence, hardly able to comprehend what he had just said. It was then that I realised that we already in Town and about to park the car. As it was only 9pm we decide it was to early for the Club and that a walk along the prom might be nice as it was such a nice evening, something we don't get that many of in the UK.

As we walked arm in arm we discussed the idea that he had suggested in the car.

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to." He said reassuringly.

"But I'd love to watch you take it further, much further..."

I silenced him with a kiss. He responded by allowing his hand to travel over my thigh, slowly making its way towards my moist pussy. I gasped as I felt it contact with the material of my panties, he pulled my panties to one side and began to massage my clit gently. He knew just the right spot and immediately reached it, toying with me, before plunging his finger deep inside me. Again he played with my clit, just as I was about to reach the point of no return he pulled away.

"If you want to finish the job, you'll have to get your own cock tonight!" he laughed as he watched my face.

"Bastard." I shot at him playfully.

"Time to play, I think." He said as his face beamed back at me.

Fine if that's the way you want to play it, then fine, I thought. I'll give you the show of your life.

We walked into the Club a little before 10pm. It was a small place and the dance floor was minute. But it had its plus points. Free admission before 10.30pm and cheap drinks for the Ladies more than made up for the lack of space.

Gav got the drinks while I found somewhere to sit near the door. This was a ritual now, part of the game was to award people marks out of ten as they came through the door. Harmless enough and it made the evening go faster. After about an hour the place had begun to fill up nicely. We decided that it was time to split up.

I decided to stay put while Gav moved to a position that he thought would give him a good view of anything that might occur that night. I never worried, as I knew that he was always near if things ever went to far.

I sat there with a half-empty glass and a suitably bored expression and waited. It didn't take long tonight before I noticed one guy in particular beginning to take an interest. Before long he came over and sat opposite me. I suppose that most women would have considered him reasonably handsome. Dark hair, good muscle toned body, well groomed, about 6 foot in height but the thing I noticed first were his eyes, a smoky dark brown that seemed to pull you into them as you looked at him.

"What you doing here on your own?" He asked, his accent local.

"Right now, looking for someone to buy me a drink." I flashed him a smile as I spoke.

"So what you drinking?"

"Vodka and orange, please."

"Back in a sec." he informed me as he disappeared in the direction of the bar. I watched as he walked back, studying him. My eyes travelling the length of his lithe body, enjoying the sight.

He sat back down. This time he sat next to me. The good think about night clubs is that you need to either pay attention to what the other person is saying or whisper it quietly into their ear. We sat and chatted for a while, moving closer all the time but never quite touching. I could smell his After-shave, feel his presence but touching at this moment in time was not an option. He informed me his name was Paul and that he didn't come here often but had always enjoyed it when he did. The smile that swept across his face as he made that statement spoke a thousand words. His eyes surveying me, watching as my skirt rode up allowing him a glimpse of my stocking tops.

Suddenly he asked if I wanted a dance. Who was I to object? I simply nodded my head, he offered me his hand as I rose. Readily I took it. I like a Masterful man. As we began to dance I glanced across at Gav and he shot me a smile that said he liked what he was seeing so far.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Paul was a good dancer. Most British men appear to have been born with two left feet and little or no sense of rhythm. Most of the UK had gone Latin mad this year it was wonderful to dance with someone that could match my enthusiasm for the Mambo, Samba and anything else that got played.

Slowly at first we began to sway to the rhythms that were played, then as the tempo increased we matched it. The wonderful thing about Latin American music is it's so sensual. It's all about enjoying your partner. As we danced I could feel body rubbing against mine and I knew my stockings would be visible to anyone who cared to look. Paul began to use his hands more as we danced, touching my body just slightly longer than he needed to. I forgot about everything else and just concentrated on the two of us, the rhythms and, the way his body felt next to mine.

Most of the night was spent on the dance floor with just a couple of breaks for drinks. I would glance across at Gav occasionally just to make sure he was still there and paying attention, occasionally allowing him a glimpse of my stockings. The fact that he was watching allowing me to enjoy the experience even more.

As the evening drew to a close as in all clubs the tempo of the music became slower, sexier, until the real smooches arrived. Paul pulled me closer to him now, holding me tightly to his body as we swayed to the music. Gently he began to touch me, I felt his cock begin to harden as our bodies rubbed together. I offered no resistance as his lips brushed against mine, as his tongue began to explore my mouth, readily accepting it. Slowly I moved my hand around until I could feel his growing manhood. He whispered something in my ear as I began to stroke it gently through the material of his trousers. I longed to have it inside me now as his lips caressed my neck and his hand began to explore the inner reaches of my thighs. My panties were soaked with my juices, I caught my breath as his he touched my pussy through the soft material. I could feel every exquisite touch of his hand through the material as it travelled over my shaven pussy.

We had become so engrossed in each other that we had failed to realise that the music had even stopped. It wasn't until the bouncer tapped Paul on the shoulder and shook us from our passionate kiss and explorations that we stopped. Hurriedly we made our exit from the floor, laughing as we did. I looked across at Gav and the look on his face told me that he had appreciated our little floorshow.

It was then that Paul asked me if I wanted to go back to his place. Of course I did, I was as horny as hell and desperately in need of some proper attention. How could I explain Gav though I wondered?

Just be honest. Paul had two choices he would either run a mile or go along with it. As we got our coats I just sort of blurted the story out to him, I told him about the game, everything in fact. I expected him to disappear at this moment but to my amazement he just laughed, telling me that he wished his ex wife had been as much fun. I'm not sure if the fact that I was stroking his cock the whole time I was confessing had any influence on his decision or not to be honest.

I motioned that Gav should join us, they appeared to be having a man to man type talk as I went to the ladies to freshen up. I was feeling a little guilty to be honest. I felt strange as I walked back towards them and saw the broad smiles spread across both their faces. It was obvious that they had reached some sort of agreement between themselves. I wondered if they would let me in on the secret or not.

As we made our way back to the car they didn't say a word. I was past the point of caring as Paul wrapped his arm around my waist and just enjoyed the sensations. When we reached the car I began to climb into the passenger seat when Gav suggested that I might like to keep Paul's company in the back. Who was I to object?

As Gav drove Paul and I began to renew our show in the back seat. It was obvious that although Gav was driving he was also watching us in the rear view mirror. Paul began to kiss me, exploring my mouth with his tongue. I felt like a naughty teenager once more, I hadn't done this in the back seat of a car in more years than I cared to remember, although I'd never remembered it feeling quite this good at the time. The fact that Gav was watching made it so much hornier and from the size of the swelling in Paul's trousers I figured he felt the same way. Paul's hands began to explore my body feeling every inch. His hand brushed against my tits and sent a wonderful shiver down my spine! As he explored me with his hands, his tongue probed my mouth as I began to explore his lithe body. God, did it feel good to run my hands over another mans' body.

Slowly my hand moved downwards towards the ever-growing bulge in his trousers. As I began to run my hand over Paul's cock I realised just how big it really was. I unzipped his trousers with all the restraint I could muster. As my tongue probed Paul's mouth I began to encircle his cock with my hand, slowly feeling every inch. He was cut unlike Gav it had been a long time since I had felt a cut cock and the feeling of it between my fingers was making my pussy juices flow, my pussy was aching to be touched. Paul slowly slipped the strap on my dress off my shoulder so that my tits were exposed to him. As he did I glanced over to the front of the car. I could see Gav in the rear view mirror enjoying every moment of our show from the look on his face. Paul slowly began to kiss my neck and then skilfully his tongue began to trail down my neck across my shoulders and finally came to rest on my nipples. Slowly he took a nipple in his mouth and began to gently tug at the soft skin sending tremors through my body as he did so.

The car came to an abrupt halt at this point and Gav quickly joined us in the back. His zip was already undone and it didn't take long for me to find his uncut cock and begin to feel it with my free hand. He brought his head down and sucked my other nipple as Paul's tongue played skilfully with the other one. I felt a hand venture onto my open thighs. I was unsure whose hand it was and at that point in time really didn't care to be honest. I felt another hand on my other thigh and they both began to explore my inner thighs at the same time. These two would have made a good double act they were sure doing the trick for me. My nerves were stretched to breaking point. I just wanted someone to relieve my aching pussy. As if on command they both moved their hands in small circles around my inner thighs as they each sucked and teased a nipple. I felt their hands travel till they were almost but not quite touching my dripping pussy. I longed for one of them to touch my clit to give me the release I so desperately required.

Without warning Paul removed his tongue from my nipple and moved so that he was knelt in front of me. It can't of been very comfortable for him in that position but I think he was past the point of caring the same as I was by then. He placed his hands either side of my hips and began to use his tongue on my thighs. Leaving exquisite wet trails of saliva as he did so. Gav had raised his head and was watching Paul as he worked his magic on my body. I could see by the look in his eyes that he was as fired up as I was. Paul then brought his head up for a sec and gave Gav a knowing smile as he removed my sopping panties eagerly moved my ass for him as he did so allowing him to see my shaven pussy in all its glory. Without a second thought he brought his head back down and began to use his tongue expertly to explore my wet pussy. As the tip brushed my clit Gav pulled on my nipple and I felt excitement like I had never felt before. Paul's tongue probed deeper into my sex until his tongue was darting in and out of my qium. I reached forward and took his head into my hands pushing my body towards him revelling in what he was doing to me. I felt my body tense as I neared orgasm, Paul must of sensed it to because his tongue pushed deeper inside me. He began using his finger on my clit at the same time and this was just too much to bear I pulled him to me and began to orgasm. I felt it build in my stomach and then travel to the outer reaches of my body. I gasped and lost myself in the feeling. As Paul lifted his head from between my thighs he looked at Gav who just smiled back at him. It was obvious that Gav had enjoyed that as much as we had.

As I recovered I looked around and realised that we we're in a lane of some sort. I knew Gav loved outdoor sex and had an idea that him and Paul had cooked this one up in the discussion they had had earlier. I really didn't care where or how I just needed to be fucked. They both removed their trousers from round their ankles and got out of the car. Gav pulled me out with an urgency that I had not felt in him for a long time! He quickly pushed my head down towards his throbbing cock and I greedily licked along his shaft. He felt harder than he had done for ages. As I licked Paul moved round to join us I licked and sucked both their cocks in turn. Slowly and deliberately at first and then faster as they urged me on. I took great pleasure teasing them slowly licking them both first and then taking them both into my wet moist mouth and sucking on their tight hard shafts. Suddenly Gav grabbed my hair and made me suck his cock in a rhythm he controlled rather than me. He pushed me forward onto his dick and I sucked hungrily until I felt his cock begin to twitch as he erupted in on all mighty orgasm. He pumped his hot salty sperm deep into my mouth. I swallowed and felt the liquid trickle down the back of my throat.

I pulled away from him and turned my attentions to Paul's beautiful erection once again. I was so excited as I placed his cock back into my mouth and began to suck, squeeze and cajole his cock. At this point it all became too much for Paul. His cock began to heave and as I sucked he shot his hot, wet spunk deep into my mouth. I let his spunk fall over my face as he finished his orgasm.

Gav went and fished the blanket out the back of the car and placed it on the ground and told me to lie back on it. Gav lowered his head and began to kiss my body. He started on my neck and slowly moved down my body caressing it with his hands and lips as he went. I looked up and saw Paul watching us, his eyes saying what he felt! Gently Gav parted my thighs and I felt his tongue brush against my clit. I moaned as he buried his head between my legs. I felt Paul cock brush against my hand and I grabbed it feeling it begin to grow once more as he watched Gav skilfully use his tongue to bring me to orgasm, my body exploding once more as the sensations ripped though it.

As I recovered we joked and generally messed around.

Gav turned to Paul and asked him, " You ever tried DP?"

"No, but I'd love to."

They turned and looked at me. I wasn't about to deny them their pleasure or mine. He told Paul to lie on the blanket and he helped to position me over his cock. Gav held Paul's cock as I slowly lowered myself down onto him. I gasped as I felt its size as he entered me. I paused for a second once I had taken in his full length and revelled in the feeling of it deep inside me. I leaned forward and kissed Paul. Slowly at first and then with more urgency as his cock began to pump the walls of my moist pussy. I felt Gav begin to caress my arse cheeks with his hands I knew what he was after and was in no fit state to object. I felt his cock begin to nuzzle against tight asshole. He began to explore it with his finger as Paul pumped his cock slowly into me. Without warning Gav pushed his cock against my ass entrance and began to push his cock inside the tight hole. I sat on Paul's cock and marvelled at the feeling of it as Gav pushed his cock deeper into my ass. The feeling was incredible as Gav pumped my ass, I felt Paul's cock twitch against the wall of my wet cunt. Gav leaned forward and grabbed my tits holding them tight as he pumped that tight asshole, I went wild as I came. My pussy throbbed like it had never throbbed before and as Gav pushed further into my ass I just lost all self control. My entire body erupted into one long orgasm. The contractions inside my pussy triggered Paul off and he in turn triggered Gav off. I felt so alive as they both emptied their seed into my body, I'd never felt anything like it before.

We all collapsed into one contented happy heap on the rug. As we sat, laughed and chatted I was sandwiched between the two of them and could feel their sperm seeping out of me and down my thighs.

It was a lovely moonlight night and one that I won't forget in a hurry. We meet up with Paul occasionally for fun and games I might write these down someday you'll just have to wait and see!

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