Impaled By An Imposter
By Courtney
(MF, nc, anal)

It was summer and my husband Jacko and I were camping north of Perth, Western Australia, in a small squatter's camp called Salter's Point, there was no running water, and the whole area was not really supposed to be inhabited at all. Despite the fact that the people who holidayed here year after year did not own the land, they built small shacks; some equipped with their own generators and rainwater tanks.

The nearest town was about 2 hours drive through rough sandy terrain and you would be hard pressed to get through the area without the aid of a four wheel drive vehicle. We had set up a small camp site outside the cluster of small shacks built right on the foreshore of the point's sheltered side, the ocean hidden by sand dunes to the rear of us.

I had always loved roughing it in the outback but this was really living hard for any woman, no showers, no toilets, no shops and no electricity. In fact the whole idea of trying to look one's best was practically impossible and I for one sorely missed my hairdryer.

We were blessed with having brought much more fresh water than we could possibly have needed and therefore able to hang the camp shower from a nearby tree and enjoy a tepid wash in the open air. After the first day I sent a prayer of thanks for that old shower as I washed the grimy salt from my hair and skin.

The secret to a good camp shower is to get yourself damp with a quick spray of water then turn the shower off. Standing beneath the shower you lather yourself up all over before letting the rest of the water sluice away the soap and grime, thus ensuring you have enough water to finish your shower without having to stop and fetch more.

As the sun set over the ocean, I set off down to the shower tree with my towel, soap and allocated bucket of water. I disrobed and quickly grabbed my bar of soap before letting a quick burst of water spray over my body, then I

lathered my hair first then the rest of my body, right down my legs to my feet. It was at this point that I felt hands upon my buttocks, rubbing the soapy suds across my arse cheeks and running up my waist to my breasts.

I laughed and presuming was my husband seeking a little slap and tickle wriggled my arse at him invitingly, nudging back at him at the same time so that I pressed up against his groin. I heard him groan deeply and I giggled invitingly, standing up right with my eyes still tightly shut to the soap suds that now coated my whole body.

Jacko must have already removed his clothes, because the next thing I felt was his body pressed up against my back, rubbing up and down the slippery coating of freshly applied suds. I felt his rock hard cock slide between my thighs and along my pussy slit; back and forth he rocked, not entering me, just teasing. I groaned with impatient desire as he kneaded my breasts and pulled at my taunt nipples.

"Quit teasing Jacko and fuck me, my horny little pussy can't wait any more, it's had quite enough stroking already," I groaned as I leaned back into his arms. Jacko slid one arm around my slippery waist, holding my tightly against him and lifting me slightly, guiding his cock into my waiting pussy with his other hand as he lowered me onto his rock hard shaft.

The slippery soap made things easier for him and his cock disappeared inside my eager pussy with very little resistance. I groaned as Jacko lowered me to the ground again and bent me forward so I could hold onto the shower tree. His cock filled me so completely I could feel every contraction and pulse of our sexual organs as he began to fuck me from behind.

It was a rushed union of pumping, grinding, rapid thrusts followed by slow strokes, that left me teetering on the edge of the biggest orgasm I had ever achieved. As I reached my first climax, my whole abdomen felt like it was vibrating with the delicious pleasure that exploded between my legs. Jacko just kept fucking me; his cock never tiring of it's ever changing pace of thrusts and poking jabs. Our bodies sliding against each other as he leaned forward and fondled my breasts again, this time pulling my nipples as far as they would go and releasing them suddenly making me gasp, while my pussy danced at the unfamiliar sensation.

"Oh god Jacko, another one like that and I won't be able to stand," I gasped as he kept pumping my pussy tirelessly. Some soap had seeped into my eyes by now and it wasn't comfortable at all, but I could feel that exquisite sensation of approaching orgasm again, so I squeezed my eyes shut even tighter, I wasn't about to miss out on that much pleasure because of a little soap.

By this time Jacko was ramming himself into my pussy like there was no tomorrow and I was gasping for him to fuck me harder, I hadn't ever expected it could be this good out in the open air. Jacko's cock throbbed and swelled within me as I orgasmed, I could feel his sperm flood me inside as he came too; our body's sliding against each other as we writhed with our mutual pleasure.

I turned as he withdrew and reached up to release the shower, allowing the tepid water rain down upon us, the soap washing from my hair and face as we kissed passionately between gasps for air. Our bodies pressed firmly against each other, I could feel he was still hard for me because his rock hard cock was pressed against my abdomen.

I opened my eyes to look into the face of a complete stranger, my body pressed against his, my arms around him and my pussy full of his cum. I gasped the biggest breath of air to scream, but before I could release it his hand clamped across my mouth. All I could do was stare at this rugged stranger wide eyed as he spoke to me softly and calmly.

"Please don't scream, I couldn't resist it when I saw your gorgeous soapy arse pointing up at me, I had been watching you for a while and I swear that 's all I was going to do, but I had to feel those firm little cheeks and when you wiggled against me so sexily, well I couldn't resist. Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it, I've never felt anyone cum as hard as you did just then, please just hush until we are finished and I promise I won't bother you again."

I nodded my head and he slowly released my mouth, but he still held me close in his arms and as I took another long deep gasp of air he covered my mouth with his. His kiss was soft and seeking at first, his tongue opening my mouth and sliding within, then he became more insistent, his breath hard against my skin. His hands ran over my body with the same familiar touch he had used before, seeking out my most sensitive points and making my blood rush through my veins.

I didn't struggle or try to push him away as he lowered me to the ground, laying me upon my towel with such gentle consideration. His hand was between my legs sliding closer to my pussy, I felt a twinge of anticipation in my clitoris, it was like excitement mixed with fear, and all I wanted in that moment was for this stranger to fuck me again. I opened my legs a little wider and gasped as his hand slid straight up to my pussy slit, spreading them in order to gain immediate entry. I'm sure he pushed two fingers straight inside me, thrusting and feeling me inside.

Our kissing had become some kind of ragged breathing competition, tongues and lips seeking, exploring, probing and nibbling. I spread my legs even further as he slid over the top of me, his hips lowering to mine; and his cock's bulbous tip making contact with the hot wet entry to my sex.

My hips rose to meet him, feeling him enter me again, the blissful feel of his cock filling me as he plunged deep with one great thrust. The stranger began to fuck me again, this time it felt even more exquisite, because I knew it wasn't my man between my legs and the very thought that we may be discovered at any moment pushed my excitement over the edge.

He drove harder and faster into me; grinding his hips against me each time he buried himself to the hilt in my horny pussy. I fucked him back with just as much enthusiasm, arching and bucking beneath him, my legs wrapping around him and my ankles fastening behind his back, pulling him to me as I pushed up against him.

His mouth found my nipple and sucked it deeply, nipping it's tip almost painfully and pulling at it before releasing it, my pussy throbbed with encouragement, gripping his great cock as it pushed in and out of my hole. I was moaning loudly by this time my whole body absorbed into the act of fucking this guy's arse off, he was probably close to an eight and a half on the fucking scale, where Jacko was probably about a seven.

My thoughts were ripped back to reality when my pussy exploded into an unexpected climax, the orgasm making my whole body shudder and tense with exquisite delight. The stranger looked up from my nipple and smiled before kissing my gasping mouth again as he drove himself onwards with rapid strokes against my clutching pussy.

Before I had even finished climaxing he slid out of my pussy and with unexpected dexterity buried his cock deep inside my arse, his hands holding my hips firmly as he pistoned himself deep into my butt. I couldn't help but let out a squeal as he entered me, gasping at the sheer thickness of him in my tight back hole, while he looked down at me with a strange expression on his face.

I was pretty much helpless in this position; he was kneeling between my legs, holding my hips up slightly by my thighs, his cock fucking my protesting arse hole, that had been lubricated by the copious amount of cum still flowing from my pussy. I grasped handfuls of towel and earth as he pushed further into my bowels, stretching me open with the thick base of his cock. Not even Jacko had been where this guy was going, that was no man's land, the back passage had always been a no-no for me, but I had very little choice this time.

I let out another strangled cry tears rolling down my face and the stranger in my arse groaned loudly, his cock thumping in my back door until it suddenly released a gush of heat deep inside my bowel. I was relieved but at the same time a little sorry it was over, that mixed with the anger at having my virginal backside ravaged by a complete stranger was a little too much. As soon as I could I rolled away, grabbing my clothes and towel I felt his hands upon me again as I turned to leave, his voice making me cringe.

"I'm not finished with you yet honey, that was the tightest little arse I've ever had, let me get in there one more time eh? I promise you'll love it even more this time"

Without thinking I turned and grabbing his shoulders with both hands kneed him swiftly but firmly in the groin, my face blazing with sudden anger as he dropped to the ground, more at myself for being such a slut than at him, but unfortunately for him, he bore the brunt of it.

"Who the hell do you think you are? Fabio? Fuck off and get a life you dirty bastard!"

I yelled at him and turned on my heel leaving him groveling in the dirt, I didn't see him again, and I never actually told Jacko of my creepy little visitor in the shower. I was pretty sure if I had either I would have been walking home or the creep would have had the crap beaten out of him. Besides, I had given the little pervert exactly what he had coming to him and he most certainly would have been walking funny for a while.

The End


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